∼ The Bitwise Hero ∽

Hi there, I'm Randall Dolifka.

I am a backend software developer who lives in Texas with my wife Kyra, our cat Missy, and our bearded dragon Pip. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2018 with a degree in computer science and a minor in music. When I'm not occupied with work, I enjoy barbeque smoking, rough woodworking, and video games. One day I hope to start my own business, but for now, I am happy to be making quality software with great friends.

Not a hero yet, but I'll keep practicing... 🙂

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I write things sometimes.

This website contains an assortment of my blog posts, articles, opinions, and creations. I can't promise that any of it is good, but it's all written by me.



Feel free to get in touch.

Honestly, I've reached the boring part of my life where email is probably the best way to contact me. Freel free to send an email to first name at this domain.